We have entered a new era for greater data accessibility and visualization. Many of our experiences for media, entertainment and commercial showcasing are in the phrase transforming. With the more advanced technology coming out, companies nowadays can use the visual medium to deliver their content or products to their clients. This way makes the communications much more direct and persuasive.

Virtual space, for example, is becoming a popular option for corporations to set up their showrooms for lead generation. There are many available selections and platforms to build and display in a pure modeled 3D environment. Yet, some companies wanted something closer to live experience. In terms of interactiveness, 3D virtual spaces certainly have their advantages. Thus, 3D scanning is the solution to move a real-life environment to the virtual world. 

To build a pure 3D environment from scratch, on the creative side it has a great advantage and flexibility. Suite for the complex and object-based project that has a longer production period. Whereas, 3D scanning technology and its platform are having an entirely different experience and making process. Generally, shorter on the production period. It’s more concentrated on the layout/floor plan of the environment and distant accuracy.

It’s possible now to recreate a real-life environment with 3D scanning technology. The models 3D scanning produces can apply in many situations, large spaces like the museums, real estate properties, and showrooms. Down with small objects like the product itself, regardless of the shape type (organic or geometric).

Overall, 3D scanned project and its platform provide a more focused approach compared to the pure 3D environment-based VR showroom. The navigation for users is a different experience. In which, 3D scanned platforms allowed the participants to teleport from designed point to point with ease. Viewing the real-live space from the 360-degree pano images, much like the user experience we had with google maps street view function.

In Global Digital Mojo, our job is to be the bridge between our partners to their end users/consumers. Creating online interaction for the brands is our expertise, and understanding what could be the best options for them. By using the latest technology with our marketing strategy, we are able to give you innovative and creative solutions. Wonder what are the other options to best showcase your product virtually? Check out related articles: 

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