MOJO participated in “Get in the Ring Osaka 2020” on Dec 3rd, which is a startup support event that has already begun since 2012 in the Netherlands. The theme design of the pitch is boxing, it’s very exciting to watch participants complete in the ring. This year, they held the event online due to the pandemic situation, but it was still a heated battle as usual. The preliminary rounds are now held in 100 countries around the world, and the winners from each country will earn a place to the World Final Event to be held Feb 2021 in Montreal, Canada.

Six teams joined the Osaka qualifying tournament this time, and one of them gave an interesting and high-tech pitch. They presented a service with fully Voice based ERP solutions for emerging countries. The whole world has been rapidly digitized due to the outbreak of pandemic, but it is not easy for elderly people to adapt to the new trends of the world, especially groups of them who don’t know how to write or read. This team created the service with the tagline  “Instead of people understand software, but software understands people”. It’s an important principle for designers to follow to develop a product easier for users to realise and be accepted. 

Global Digital MOJO is grouped by expertise specialising in UI/UX, user psychology, digital tools, marketing automation, and software development. We care about users’ different mindset, look deeply into it, and fit users’ needs. That’s the reason why clients find us because we have 6 offices around the world, we can do localised insight, we realise user psychology of using products, we cooperate with local designers and we connect potential customers’ information for further sales. 

We also have rich experiences of providing consulting service for start-ups, and already supported KGAP+, a business matching event project for Japanese start-ups. Please check out details here:


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