Experimental projects, called “Sneaks”, are always being demoed at Adobe’s MAX conference and this time a new tool which may become a big challenge to most of the Key Opinion Leaders on social media platforms is announced. Called “About Face”, this new feature can detect whether a face is being manipulated or not. After editing tools like Photoshop being released and prevailed in the market, we can incredibly edit one’s face easily with simple touch. As a major player in this era, Adobe’s new feature can also be regarded as a means to deal with deepfakes. Meanwhile, internet celebrities should also start thinking about, whether to adopt or mitigate, the coming changes and public opinions.

Users can simply plug an image into the application as to estimate the possibility of manipulation. The tool will then show the altered regions, specifically targeted changes made by Photoshop’s liquify tool, with virtual heat-map. Users can even undo those changes with this tool. An impressive demo was also done to show this feature. Fake news and deepfakes keep raising public’s awareness these years and it is no unpredictable that “About Face” will be the big breakthrough in such issues in the following decades.

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