AI has been around for the last 4 decades in one form or another. With the boom of the computer age, we saw a new science in development that was used to bring “human-like Intelligence” & reasoning abilities to computers. These were the founding stones of AI. Back then AI was used in training computers to play Chess or was applied to be used in Robotics, but they weren’t so successful due to *Limited Computational Power* *Funding* *lack of database to train the Logic* Fast forward to 2021 and AI is now transforming businesses and impacting our lives, let’s look at how it is being done.


AI is now everywhere from helping ships navigate to impacting our day-to-day lives. You observe this when using social media, from targeted ads from our recent product searches on google and more, but there is more to AI than this. AI in businesses helps transform the decision-making path by bringing in more factors and parameters that we might have missed or might have not been able to grasp into simple Human-readable analytics data. 


Let me present you with a use case with one of our recent projects which use AI to help match businesses with each other.

Imagine you are a design company, let’s call you “Company A” and MOJO is a technology company, let’s call us “Company B”. Company A receives a design project which requires XYZ technology skill sets, unfortunately, Company A, lacks the same. It now wants to explore the internet to try to find a suitable partner who can help them with their project in the technology area. Here is where Company A faces a hill climb, a design company that has no experience with technology. How would they go about finding the right partner? Meanwhile, Company B is on the lookout to find new projects and partners to work with or collaborate with. Common solutions to these problems are platforms like LinkedIn, Google Searches to name a few.


Global Digital MOJO worked on, project – DXT Designers X Technology, a platform developed for HKDA (Hong Kong Designers Association). The platform aimed to address similar problems faced by Designers and Technology companies and approached Global Digital MOJO to help develop the platform, but what made this project unique was the development of an “AI matching algorithm”. The name mentions it all, AI is the heart of this platform it helps Users like Company A/ B to discover each other. But you may ask how is that possible? Well to make any AI successful requires a large amount of Data in the form of a Database and training the AI with that Dataset. Global Digital MOJO went on to create a large set of data to train the AI in becoming efficient to help cross-match companies in Design and Technology companies or match similar companies, for example: to match two technology companies with each other. This is done by evaluating the Users’ profiles across various Services, Expertise, and Industries they set in their profile while signing on to the platform. But is that all to the AI? No. The AI is pushed further to track various other inputs across the platform, to not give away the secret ingredient, we share a few, it maps the Users’ behaviour, their searching patterns, frequency of clicks, as an example of a few. What is the most unique aspect about having an AI integrated into your business is the fact that when paired with Machine Learning capabilities the AI is able to map these data points and create a dataset of its own and train itself to understand the users’ requirements better and predict better. When paired with the right logic an AI is able to churn out better and efficient results. Thus making the successful match between “Company A” & “Company B”.


With our end-end AI Structure, Global Digital MOJO offers services related to Artificial Intelligence to clients all across the globe with our offices around the world in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Mexico along with educating young minds on topics surrounding AI and Design with the help of workshops and seminars. Currently, we are running workshops on how AI can be used in Disaster management with universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


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