On November 12th in Tokyo (Japan), Global Digital MOJO Osaka team, led a session for its Client Catalunya Tourism Agency during the Catalonia – Beyond Barcelona Press Conference. The aim for the conference was to promote the Legends of Catalonia, a Virtual Reality Tourism Game and the Japanese Microsite for Catalunya Tourism. Catalunya Tourism Agency had approached GDMOJO to develop O2O digital marketing work for them. We started by redesigning their Catalunya Tourism website, then adapting it to Japanese market and launched in earlier 2019. Impressed by our work, the Catalunya Tourism Agency requested us to help them create a localised site for the game – Legends of Catalonia specially for the Japanese market in 2019.

The conference on November 12th was held to showcase the fine work completed by the MOJO Team and throughout the session, our Osaka Team guided the audience by introducing them the Microsite and its multiple features. The Microsite packs bundles of information including planning a trip to Catalunya as well as various travel options. MOJO put every effort on creating the user flow, experience, interactive elements and for sure the overall design of the website. Legends of Catalonia brought a new challenge to MOJO Team and our biggest challenge was the limited time but we eventually delivered a magical experience to our audience. The Idea for the Legends of Catalonia Japan Site is to surprise our Japanese audience and we focused on how to “Deliver Magic” whenever a user visits the website and hope that he or she would be surprised by the pop-up style design! Each information was layered and revealed as a magical element. Hidden scroll-up designs would also reveal maps to various locations and drive traffic to Catalunya Tourism Japanese Website.

From idea to execution, Global Digital MOJO Osaka team went through a series of investigations in Japan’s game industry. With a clear understanding of our targeted audience, a localized Japanese website is being designed, together with Japanese-game-style tagline and copies.

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11月12日、Global Digital MOJO株式会社は、世界初のVR観光ゲームであるLegends of Cataloniaの日本向けローカライズ版発表の記者会見「カタルーニャ バルセロナの先へ」にて、講演者として日本市場向けのウェブサイトの立ち上げを紹介しました。


企画を実行するにあたって、Global Digital MOJO株式会社大阪チームは日本のゲーム業界で一連の調査を行いました。ターゲットオーディエンスを正確に把握した後、チームはキャッチフレーズからウェブデザインまで日本市場向けにカスタマイズしました。

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