These years, the increasing internet speed and usage of mobile applications on services made people rely more on mobile instead of desktop devices. Data from Statista website showed the internet usage of mobiles approaches 52.2%, mobile share of organic research updated to 58% and people spend at least 3.5 hours every day on mobile devices. People’s usage of mobile is still growing even more.

However, desktops still have higher purchase conversion than mobiles. From data of 2019, 4.14% of desktop users did purchase online, only 1.53% from mobile. Meanwhile, 90% of mobile users use mobile applications instead of websites for final action. 

After break out of pandemics in 2020, many brands benefited from creating e-commerce selling channels. From data of IBM, the United States even reached out the growth of 31.8% revenue by online marketing setup. 

Indeed, there are opportunities for selling more products by promoting online. Nevertheless, online engagement, touchpoints and tools for selling are closely connected to the result of online marketing. The conflict of conversion rate and usage of desktop and mobiles is very dependent on campaign lead generation and immersive UX design to approach higher synergies.

MOJO expertise is using our experiences of design and new tech development to make sure sufficient clients’ campaign engagement and help setup CRM to avoid missing any potential customers. Our technical areas include AR, VR, mobile application, responsive website and IoT. By connecting multiple platforms, our clients can attract more customers because of high engagement. 



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