Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen, attended the closing ceremony of the insight-design seminar that was held by Taiwan Design Center. She mentioned that Taiwan is now leveraging design to increase the quality of Taiwanese services and products. The government is now financially supporting the collaboration between the design and manufacturing industry.

The tag “Made In Taiwan” has been known for years. It coincided with traditional low-cost manufacturing that developed Taiwan’s economy, but now innovative industrial design is taking the economy to a new leave. The government is now trying to promote and create a new mantra of “Design In Taiwan”, and thus government intervention is now necessary. In the latest Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Taiwan ranked 12th among 141 economies. Moreover, Taiwan was selected as one of the four super innovators, along with Germany, the USA, and Switzerland. This shows Taiwan’s potential in design and innovation, which might become another advantage for the nation.

It is a great start for the Taiwanese government to start paying attention to industrial design and provide more opportunities for marketing development overseas.

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