Hiring Studio

Pune/Bangalore, Tauchung

Role Description

Working in a English with an international team - with colleagues in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Barcelona and Mexico City. Working closely with Full-stack UX, Deepmedia, Data Analytics, AI and visualisation.

Front-end and CMS Development

  • Working with UX full-stack tools such as Invision 
  • Wordpress development (javascript and php)Wordpress 
  • Wordpress security monitoring
  • Laravel development and test 
  • Javascript development
  • CSS development
  • Responsive design and web-app 
  • Browser conformance testing 


  • Restful API development (Python/Java) Development
  • API Testing 
  • Web server port configuration and security policies
  • Manual and automatic updates 
  • Email ad telephone support to clients

Back-end Development and Test

  • Back-end developer for database integrations, networking, and 3rd party integration
  • Feature testing
  • SQL database creation and management
  • Mongo db reaction and management
  • Server-side scripting
  • User guides
  • Backup and Version control (GIT)

Other duties

  • As needed


All Mojo team members are 21st century leaders

  • At least 2 years experience in Laravel and Wordpress web platforms 
  • Server-side Python Restful API development and Test (Flask, Django)
  • UNIX SSH and Server-side (APACHE) scripting 
  • Experience in Google Firebase Application Management 
  • Proven experience with SWIFT, Javascript, JSON, PHP automation 
  • At least 2 years CMS and code versioning control
  • SQL database development for ASP and Wordpress
  • At least 2 years experience in distributed development projects

Personality Qualities

All Mojo team members are 21st century leaders

  • Team player
  • Positive and open-minded to all cultures
  • Calm under pressure
  • Good communicator of basic concepts and strategies
  • Actively following technology and company trends


Ask not what your company can do for you; but what can you do for your company

  • The chance to work in a fast-moving international environment
  • Working in the intersection of Design, Technology, Business and Education
  • Competitive salary
  • Remote working is possible