“DesignOps” – bring design to DevOps, AIOps, BizOps .

“DesignOps” is a new term that covers the needed to deliver modern digital products and services. DesignOps covers all the Design Tools, Resources, Process Descriptions related to the product design. Tools are central to Design Ops, so companies like Frontify, Invision and Adobe are promoting themselves as DesignOps Toolmakers.


Generally, an organisation will need to define the following in their DesignOps work:

1. Design Team Management (how to work together) To identify the organisational structures, roles classification, rituals and practices, onboarding and career development, the fundamental principles of team operations.

2. Design Process (setup standards and instructions to follow and to complete the design tasks): To create and instruct working harmonise by using consistent toolsets and standardising the design process with guidelines. This area mainly will focus on how to get things done. Balancing workflows and managing the assets (outputs and research). Integration with other teams is key, e.g. AI Ops.

3. Estimation and Measurement for Design impact: Building up metrics and KPIs to identify the success of completed work. To review and get feedback for the improvement. Except for internal evaluation, to combine the success stories and share with the public in order to gain recognition and the company value to be defined by third parties. Lastly, merge all the learnings from the process to refresh and create new guidelines for skills training. Updating on the company playbook.


The MOJO Global team has rich experience providing professional classes for creative workshops and training. Our DesignOps processes is built on AGILE and DESIGN THINKING methods and utilites a wide toolset from Basecamp, Harvest, Googledrive, Figma, Fronity and Invision.

Global Digital MOJO Academy also offers education to corporations and university faculties.

Your projects need DesignOps – MOJO can provide:




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2. Organisational Transformation by Design with Astra Zeneca



3. Leading China Digital Communications Strategy for Swedish Institute