Your passport to the 21st century

Global Digital MOJO Academy is an online and offline life-long learning company. We offer online (live and recorded) and offline short courses and long programmes in cutting-edge technology, design, creativity and innovation-related areas. Behind our courses we have an AI powered database to track learning progress, give feedback and propose new courses. Our instructors are industry experts offering courses from around the world.

Online-Offline (O2O) Education at "The Academy"

Online-Offline (O2O) Education at the "Academy" : The Academy, our education brand, is focused on 21st century, technology, creativity and digital leadership skills. We create online and offline education for world renowned design and business schools around the world; or for companies and individuals.

21st Century Learning Content

We curate course materials for your institution or offer corporate learning and development in Artificial Intelligence, Media Psychology, Brain Science, Innovation Process, O2O Marketing Management, Integrated Design Thinking and Digital Leadership

O2O 21st Century Learning Platform

We instruct courses (and train instructors) on innovation, creativity and design thinking - from preschool to Masters level.  Languages include English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

Keynote Speeches and Virtual Events

Our senior team members are available for high-level keynotes and panel discussions around the world.  In addition we curate our own O2O thought-leadership events under the "Crossover Dialogues" brand.

Our Programme Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Media and Design Psychology

Digital and O2O Marketing

Digital Leadership

International Entrepreneurship

Who can take our courses?

Middle Manager

Company training for middle managers who need to keep up with digital trends or find new career opportunities.

C Suite Executive (CEO, COO, CMO etc)

Executive-Suite courses with a focus on digital transformation planning and measurement.


Courses and programmes aimed at startups and entrepreneurs - using the MOJO @Connect acceleration process

Final Year Undergraduate and Gradudate Student

Exciting practice-focused courses and project-based workshops for Bachelors Final year and PG students. Utilise MOJOs ICPEM Design Process.

Type of Delivery (O2O)


1 to 14 days


1-7 days


Based on learner's schedule


Digital Marketing Psychology