As part of its global startup platform. @connect, Global Digital MOJO Taiwan received an invitation to speak at the Startup Hub Centre in Zhongli, Taoyuan. MOJO introduced the latest XR technologies and trends with Smart City applications. Taoyuan City Government Youth Affairs Department organised this event to promote new enterprises and opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

The O2O event was attended by company representatives and students. Dr David Williams took the opportunity to share some experience in working with Smart City Tech related projects.

In addition, he demonstrated the products and services from MOJO newly launched brand META:XR Technologies. This included the MOJO’s own R3 Disaster Management platform. (Request access to admin)

The complete length of the masterclass was live-streamed on social media and recorded for later viewing. By joining such sessions, MOJO @Connect hopes to provide more impetus to new industries. Those participants are able to learn how XR technologies can assist in their company workflow and help to grow new business.