Venture Reality Fund has revealed 2019 VR industry landscape earlier this year. Ranging from entertainment, enterprises to health care industry, the VR market is, enormously, expending to a new level. It is said that VR market is facing the next generation in coming decades.

In between, game sector is what worth looking forward to. Game developer tycoons, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Playstation VR (PSVR) reached 4.2 million sales, at the time in March this year, and Nintendo, also, with the release of Nintendo Labo: VR Kit, showed their interest in entering this market.

“Beat Saber”, the VR game which heated up the market in 2018 with over 1 million sales, and meanwhile, the “KAT WALK” series, a VR device which allows players to walk around freely in the game, developed by KAT VR, a Chinese company, which is said to be monopolized by Takumi Ltd in early October, are also big symptoms of the upcoming changes.

Global Digital MOJO, as being a digital transformation agency, is always keeping track with the latest technology in the word. From business to business, we, at all times, are thinking how to link them with latest technology.

This night, in order to have deeper understanding on VR, as a team event, Osaka Team went to the VR Zone Osaka to explore the VR world. The games are so exciting and we saw big business potentials inside. We are now organizing different projects with our clients through VR and they are already champing at the bit. If you also want to get into the VR world, CONNECT WITH US NOW!