The Global Presence Alliance(GPA) exists to remove the barriers of working with global teams and to enable more productive meetings, improved communications and better results for its customers. GPA is a partner network of audio, video and unified communications companies that helps people work better together, from all over the world. Consisting of a framework of industry expertise, the Alliance is committed to sharing best practices to guarantee the same customer experience regardless of location.

As a global digital transformation agency, Global Digital MOJO also cares about education. Global Digital MOJO Academy(GDMA) CXE is aiming to empower C Suite Executive with professional knowledge and support. Our founder and lead digital strategist Dr. David Williams was invited to be a KEYNOTE SPEAKER by our Mexican Client Group Niza.

The CXE workshop, “Digital Leadership in Strategy and Business Transformation”, ran by BOTH GLOBAL and LOCAL MOJO MEXICO TEAM, focused on the importance of UX, its implementation process and UX applications in its sales process, which then exemplified the impact of emotions on the brain of our sales prospects with neuronal sensors, helping GPA CEO’s to create disruptive growth strategies for their businesses.

Throughout three intensive days, the GPA summit brought together partner companies from across the Audiovisual Industry and across the world to define the future. We are so glad to have this opportunity to connect the world with MOJO and we can’t wait for the next upcoming GPA event!

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