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With the goal to help post-graduate students to have a deeper understanding on the application of AI in current society, this month, GDMA ProStep has carried out a 7-hour masterclass, The AI Hospital – Creating New User Experience, in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan as a part of conference on “Humanistic AI”. Hosted by our lead strategist, Dr. David Williams, and GDMA Director, Phillipe Casens, the masterclass, which is also one of our developing programs in AI and Digital Transformation, took a deep insight from AI to Design Thinking Process.

Currently, AI and IoT have become the hottest issues to concern about. The release of 5G Lite in China, which can sync the movement of robots with human beings using 5G Lite system and AI, the unique conversation developed between Amazon Alexa and Google Home and many other examples all indicate that AI and IoT are going to dominate the world in following decades. We hope all students, from now on, can have a clearer understanding and develop a better mindset that what AI can and can’t do, and same for human beings. Global Digital MOJO is always prepared to provide professional and heart-provoking insights in courses to help students catch up with latest technologies and issues. Wish all students have a brilliant future with what they gained in the course!

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