Global Digital MOJO (Taiwan) Co Ltd launches first co-development of interactive content IP with Kadokawa International

Following the signing of a cooperation MOU in April 2022, we are happy to announce the first co-development of interactive content IP for Syntrend Lifestyle Mall, Taipei, Taiwan.

Global Digital MOJO’s AIbot product “mimic” and META:AR product “Manga” were deployed with Syntrend anime characters “Bit-Chan” and “Maru” that have been designed exclusively for the Syntrend Lifestyle Mall in Taipei City, Taiwan as part of the V-Tuber Japanese Anime Festival.

Working as a combined team, Global Digital MOJO software developers worked with Syntrend artists and animators to create two integrated content into two interactive platforms that showcase new technologies and new media.

The CEO from KADOKAWA International Edutainment Takeuchi Taro commented
“We at Kadokawa International Manga Education have always been committed to creating better content and nurturing the people who create it. We are looking forward to working with MOJO to expand the world in which they and their content are active.”

Global Digital MOJO President Dr David Williams said “as a global company, we value partnerships that allow us to reach new audiences and develop new innovative products and services.  By working with the team at Kadokawa International we will capitalise on their expertise in media IP and content.  Together we can build the next generation of digital media experiences”.

Two deployments were made on the following products:

“Mimic” (On-site Digital Signage) : is a full-body interactive BOT that responds to user movements and specific body poses.  “MIMIC” uses the latest in unsupervised AI-image recognition and skeletal models to recognise and track body positions without training on an individuals body shape and posture.  In addition, state-of-the-art speech recognition is used to generate verbal feedback on-the-fly.  The BOTs intelligence allows it to interpret body and verbal cues according to its pre-learned knowledge.  AIbot “Mimic” can be deployed in digital outdoor signage for customer service and entertainment applications.

“Manga” (iOS and Android Application) : is a revolutionary way of storytelling that will change the way people enjoy printed content, such as manga and comics.  All the possibilities are now open to you as you read through the pages and interact with the characters. Publishers and storytellers can include more activation plots in their story planning. You can create a sense of present in the story by having the audience “physically” interact with the protagonist or the villain.  With the Sound Effects, stories are now more colourful in audio, more responsive. Using the automatic object targeting feature, the character sticks to your pages, giving you a full 3D view of the content no matter where you look. With swipe, tap, shake, sound activations and many more to come.

The Global Digital MOJO and Kadokawa teams will continue to develop products and services for clients around the world.




Global Digital MOJO (Taiwan) Co Ltd 摩偕光多媒體教育有限公司 (GDM), is an international digital transformation agency committed to the development of design-driven digital economies and related education programme development.


KADOKAWA International Edutainment (KIE) is the international branch in Taipei city of KADOKAWA Contents Academy (KCA).


Syntrend Group Ltd is a technology life-style retailer in Taipei City, Taiwan