Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) invited Global Digital MOJO to speak at their first online & first immersive Social VR setup event of NET ZERO Leaders Summit (Japan Business Conference 2021). 


This event was organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI). JETRO has been holding from 28th July to 10th September 2021. The event topic is the Green investment in Japan and innovative technologies that may help bring a positive impact to boost Japanese economic growth. 


Global Digital MOJO is an international digital innovation company headquartered in Hong Kong. Providing inbound and outbound digital conversion services worldwide, including digital design and technology development, startup consulting & digital business strategy consulting, O2O marketing, and corporate training.


Dr. David Williams, the President of MOJO Innovations limited & Global Digital MOJO KK joined the event. He spoke about the topic “Why Japan and how to utilize Japan to achieve success?” covering the introduction of current operations of MOJO Japan, how he utilizes the resources in Japan to make success, and how he feels about the ecosystem in Japan after being part of it. The current Japanese business insights and economic trends were revealed during the interview.


Currently, the Japanese government is encouraging a great deal of investment in startups. “We’ve had the opportunity to speak with customers in Japan and abroad that are interested in digital business and digital approaches to change traditional models into digital business models,” says Dr. David Williams. “While the acceleration of digital transformation is happening in Japan. It couldn’t come at a better time for us to assist these Japanese businesses and well those who want to break into the Japanese market.” The interviewee addressed the topic.


The best example displays the strength of the Global Digital MOJO strategy. That is the work of the communication and marketing approach Global Digital MOJO created for the Catalonia Tourism Agency to the Japanese Market. Various projects and reinvention from Web Design/SNS design to hosting game launching events, social media tactics, and execution. Global Digital MOJO quickly adapts to the local Japanese business methodology. Furthermore, Global Digital MOJO is able to assist other foreign companies in transforming their business models. 


Nonetheless, the connection between JETRO and Global Digital MOJO is unique. As early as August 2018, JETRO supported Global Digital MOJO Hong Kong to open a sister company in Osaka, Japan. All the while, Global Digital MOJO provides services to JETRO in several events launched in Japan, Spain, and Hong Kong. Famous collaborations are known as the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 (SCEWC 2019) in Barcelona, Spain. As well as the Startup Acceleration Programme called KGAP+, along with ATR and Keihanna RC in Kyoto Prefecture. 


This video was streamed on a virtual auditorium within a VR space on the 3rd of September. Participating by more than 50+ companies and local governments, to share and discuss the subject of carbon neutrality, digital transformation, and more. To read more or watch the video clip please visit the link: https://youtu.be/8jR7Y5JxZUQ


Or connect with  transformation@globaldigitalmojo.com via Contact Us.


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