The Global Digital MOJO Academy team in Japan and Hong Kong was happy to welcome 24 students to the 3rd year of its unique MBA module, Digital Marketing Psychology Digital Marketing Psychologyat Globis University Globis University, Tokyo. The 18 hour, 6 module programme, is part of the cutting-edge Technovate curriculum (Technology Meets Innovation and Technovate Thinking course) offered by Globis which aims to nurture 21st Digital Leaders. Japanese and international students from diverse industrial backgrounds worked through the latest case studies and practice in neuromarketing, digital media psychology, AI and biometric customer analytics and value-based marketing. Led by MOJO founder and practitioner Dr David WIlliams, students also completed a group project to apply their knowledge.  This year, for the first time, the course was conducted entirely online.  To explore more about Globis MBA programme, please check here.


Global Digital MOJO used to be invited by the global pharmaceutical enterprise AstraZeneca as a professional consultant to help them build their User Experience Competency Centre in Mainland, China. MOJO also provides UCD training to them as our MOJO Academy service scope.