Our Global Digital MOJO Founder and Digital Strategy/Education Lead Dr. David Williams was interviewed by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council(HKTDC). We discussed how MOJO’s niche digital transformation services work in a wide range of markets and sectors with studios around the world. The interview was published on HKTDC Business Magazine.

HKTDC is governed by Hong Kong business leaders and senior government officials. It plans and supervises the organisation’s global operations, services and promotional activities. Essentially, in the past 3 years HKTDC and MOJO have been each other’s influential partner. We collaborated and aimed to nurture the 21 century professionals in education and design. More, we provided professional platforms, knowledge and services for business connections, growth, creativity and innovation in diverse industries from Asia to the globe. MOJO always has and alway will be looking forward to the further cooperation with HKTDC to make an positive impact.

To read the full article, click here: https://hkmb.hktdc.com/en/1X0AGLXC/market-spotlight/Hong-Kong-is-hub-for-global-digital-transformer