Global Digital MOJO KK Obtains a National Research Rating

Osaka, June, 2021 : We are happy to announce that Global Digital MOJO KK (グローバル・デジタル・モジョ株式会社) has gained the status of a Research Company under the JST(Japan Science and Technology Agency) agency.


Since founding in Japan in August 2019, Global Digital MOJO KK has already collaborated on Research projects with the Kansei Research Institute, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute and Kyoto Prefectural government.


The Founder and CEO of Global Digital MOJO KK Dr David Williams was quoted “Since MOJO Japan is active in the latest software and internet technologies and products, we decided it was essential for our Japan company to be able to contribute to government and private/public research that benefit Japanese society.


Global Digital MOJO KK will focus its efforts on leading or joining research projects that examine the relationship between technology, data and society. For example, a project to develop support platforms for Doctors treating sleep disorders in young professionals. Global Digital MOJO welcomes partners from overseas to co-develop projects. In this work the company will have the support of JETRO and other international government agencies.

You can download the Press Articles here: GDM_JP_RESEARCH_COMPANY_2021_Press-Release_ENG-2.pdf (143 downloads ) ENG version, GDM_JP_RESEARCH_COMPANY_2021_Press-Release_JP-2.pdf (163 downloads ) JP Version

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