Food packaging, Art, Drones, Literature, Plays, Therapy Buildings, Brand Guidelines, Logos, Website, Apps – what do all of these have in common?

Global Digital MOJO lead Strategist Dr. David Williams will give a keynote speech on AI x Design: Present and Future at the College of Creative Design Asian University.

This lecture will explore the front-lines of the meeting of Design and AI. We will explore the current state of the AI industry and AI practice and how it is beginning to impact design tools and processes as well as the image and assessment that industry has of the value that the design profession brings to creative and industrial applications.

The lecture will outline 4 futures for the Design professions and those interested in technology. To find its place in this new future, those interested in technology must do what they do best: sense, create, and change.

You can read more about the keynote speech here: AI x Design: Present & Future

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