KGAP+ is a Global Acceleration Programme for Startups lead from Japan organized by the Advanced Telecommunications Institute. It includes comments and advice on business planning, products and services production, business models construction and monetising. Dynamic events such as pitching and online webinars are organized at prestigious international events.

KGAP+ Program Batch 2 companies, like those in Batch 1, just finished their 3 month-long journeys of the program in December 2019. And the final task for them was, same as Batch 1, to deliver their best live pitches to the investors on Demo Day but this time in Grand Front Osaka in Japan. All Batch 2 companies were given the enviable opportunity to present their Proof of Concepts along with their Products, Brands, Ideas, experiences and learnings from our acceleration program to secure fundings from investors. A round trip ticket will also be given to companies which outperformed to have one more chance to pitch their PoCs in countries other than Japan.

Next step? Upcoming 2020 KGAP+ Programme is already under progress and we chose Hong Kong as the venue for next Demo Day for the following batch! Follow our SNS accounts to get latest updates!

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