Latin American countries are known for their paradise-like beaches, active nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine and friendly people. Many people travel here every year in the hopes of learning more about the different cultures, and finding relief from the stresses of everyday life. We will explore some startups from four countries in Latin America: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Paraguay. 

Aside from what these countries offer, they’re also filled with talented and creative individuals that desire to better the lives of their fellow citizens. So let’s concentrate on the technology sector. Technology startups in Latin America are very innovative, and perhaps more importantly, they have a global mindset that could enable them to expand into new markets.

Here are some startups from these amazing countries:

  1. Flatbox (Guatemala)

Flatbox is focused on developing IoT (Internet of the Things) and AI for various businesses, since 2015.  They use sensors, telecommunications and AI to digitize physical events and transform the data in real time. More info here 

     2. GeneTrade (Belize)

GeneTrade is a platform for online trading of various assets. For trading in currency, stocks, and commodities, it provides a platform. Through MT4-based trading platforms, it enables users to purchase, sell, and trade a variety of assets. Visit their website here 

     3. Spicy Rocket (Honduras)

This startup assists companies in increasing their online visibility and contact and sales channels. They create websites based on their clients specific services. To see more of Spicy Rocket click here. 

     4. MUV (Paraguay)

MUV is an app that lets people choose to be a driver or a passenger in Paraguay, their prices are often better than their competitors. You can use it to move from place to place or send packages. To start traveling in Paraguay download here. 

It’s exciting to see Latin America advancing their technology. We wish to see more Latin American nations innovating in a field where the majority of contributions come from wealthier countries. Isn’t it fascinating to imagine what else these countries might have to offer if they attract additional founders and investors? What about Taiwanese investors? 

Since Taiwan is important for the development of new technologies, it would be beneficial for startups to look for investors from here. Currently, Taiwanese economic cooperation in these countries are all conducted by the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF); they offer many aid programmes and innovation exhibitions. Other than that, Taiwan also offers scholarships for coursing higher education in Taiwan. 

Here at Global Digital MOJO we know that startups are important for the local and global economy because they generate jobs and encourage innovation via competition. That’s why to help startups Global Digital MOJO, through our EMERGE programmes, aim to connect regional accelerators with the top public and private accelerators internationally, assisting companies in their search for collaborators, investors, and global expansion. The programme includes enrollment into the acceleration program, a local pitching event, and more. We advise our friends in Latin America to check out the EMERGE: Taiwan programme, which is run by our office in Mexico.

Feature photo: Matthias Kulka on Gettyimages

Author: Diana Villalba