Taiwanese market has always been the first target for Japanese brands to enter, since similar personalities and high acceptance of different cultures, for the catering industry, Taiwanese have a great longing for Japanese food. For the pharmacy and cosmetics, Taiwanese young people are more independent for their budget which leads them to have a higher amount of consumption.

After the pandemic outbreaks, Taiwanese who did procurement service for Japanese products have decreased since the obstacles of going through Japan and Taiwan. Thus, buyers of procurement products have no ways to buy Japanese products which leads to the business opportunity of Japanese brands entering Taiwan market and sufficient Taiwanese buyers’ needs.

MOJO is an AI and Digital Transformation Company. We help clients reach out to their customers by the insight of new technology, in-depth research of target customers and design solutions to fix the needs in the market. The following context, MOJO is going to do insight on successful case studies of Japanese brands in Taiwanese market for your reference. Let’s take a look!

Be localised:
Uniqlo, has the highest marketing share and brand awareness in Taiwan. They recruited Taiwanese employees and listened to customers’ needs by building up a customer database to make sure fit customers’ requirements.

Kao corporation is a famous cosmetics company from Japan, their sub companies include Biore, KATE, Curél etc. They did investigation for their customers in person and came out with localisation design product solutions, such as cleansing cotton with makeup remover on it for customers to clean their face with a single cotton sheet.

Think of USP (Unique selling proposition):
Nitori, a furniture company from Japan, who can compete with IKEA. They found out Taiwanese needs for cheap and high-quality products. Thus, they input their own SPA system to decrease the cost and make products cheaper.

MUJI, a famous stationery brand from Japan. They focused on product unique design and without making any advertisement. Taiwanese have high requirements of lifestyle, the brand USP touches their pain points and is willing to do purchase. Complete series of product design even makes Taiwanese want to buy series to put in a set at home.

Plan an engaged user experience:

Kura sushi, a brand, grows rapidly in the Taiwan market these years. They did their customer investigation by using an online order system on their devices in their stores. After having a meal, customers can put plates into the recovery hole by the table and have a lucky draw game to get a toy. This engaged design not only decreases their staff cost, but increases customers’ engagement in their store.

Global Digital MOJO has deep experiences of working with international clients on brand design, UX design, software development and AI by using technology to take a deeper investigation of their expected market. The Pandemic affects business around the world, but by finding us, we can help you find solutions by using digital technology and even make customers more engaged. MOJO has 6 offices around the world, the latest news we get, the closer we get to customers.

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