Top 10 Shortlisted Announcement

Global Digital MOJO has been shortlisted as one of the top 10 concepts for its submission for “The 3D Innovative Application for GIS Spatial Information Contest 2021” organised by The National Land Surveying and Mapping Center. The project will be taken forward to compete in the next phase of this contest.

The project is titled:” R3:Respond, Rescue, Recover Disaster Management Platform”. It’s designed to fit the scheme areas in Disaster Prevention & Management, and it’s a platform that is compiled with a 3D map application. MOJO team has included drone technologies, rich AR/VR utilisation, Machine learning, and 3D simulations in the concept. This platform could be used for assisting rescue teams to operate during disaster scenes, immediate response, and prediction on the same. Moreover, in the post-event recovery, generating status analysis reports and such.

The submitted proposal covers the mock-up on the platform visualisation, demo video (of the features). In the future development stage, two aspects need to be covered. First, the hardware integration: Drone control and AI visual detection & automation, enables large-scale 3D scanning of the disaster area, data transmission. This function enables real-time spatial geographic reconstruction in the 3D Model. The other exclusive feature is Augmented Reality (enabled by the device with camera & motion sensor), working with the 3D simulation function, this feature can assist in the rescue mission, educational study & preventional training, etc.

In the area of Software development: To compile all the digital interfaces across systems, providing the general public a reporting channel to submit real-time information for the disaster area. Powerful data analysis tools and rich information dashboard. Lastly, the integration with hardware enhances disaster response automation.

The target audience suited for this platform is identified as: Government Officials (front/back end disaster response team), the general public, third parties (Insurance & construction industries), and education institutes. While in development, this platform will open access to allow groups to use/experience the manuals’ operations. To improve the system by getting feedback and advice. When the project technology readiness is matured, commercialisation and possible expansion on the features will be developed.

The MOJO team is honoured to be shortlisted to enter the next stage for this competition. Meanwhile, Global Digital MOJO is actively looking for partnerships for co-development. If the project proposal has brought up your interests, MOJO Taiwan welcomes you to make direct contact, and together we can discuss the next steps for this development.

Let’s hope to be hearing more good news on MOJO “R3 Platform” in the 3D Innovative Application Contest!


Popular Proposal Voting is opening on 4th of Oct, 2021.

This time the organisers had prepared a special award for “Most Popular Concept” Award. The poll will be open for public to vote on the 4th of Oct.

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