MOJO XR Tools for Advanced Education – In a fast-paced and innovation-driven two-day MOJO workshop, design and ICT students designed AI-based solutions for Natural Disaster Management.

Dr. David Williams from Global Digital MOJO Academy led 25 hand-picked elite students from the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (Chai Wan Campus) as they brainstormed, prototyped, and presented novel AI-driven services to aid Natural Disaster Management.

Students gained insights at the intersection of data science, machine learning, and digital product design. They were familiarized with the processes of data sourcing, preparation, modelling, and evaluation, aligned with design-based principles of testing and iteration.


Equipped with cloud-based machine learning models, disaster management strategies, and case studies from Japan, Taiwan and around the world, participants produced their prototypes.


The entire workshop was conduction in MOJO’s state-of-the-art VR Workshop space – a first for THEI.


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