MOJO is now in Middle-East. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

June 22nd, 2020. Global Digital MOJO team welcomed its first ever interns in the Middle-East. MOJO along with its intern recruiting partner CRCC and Virtual Internship welcomed 3 new team members from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The on-going pandemic has brought challenges for businesses as well as students and young professionals. Global Digital MOJO, with studios around the globe, has been pioneering collaboration and remote working among its various team members since 2009. Hence, MOJO was up for the challenge when approached by CRCC and Virtual Internship to offer virtual internships to global citizens.

CRCC and Virtual Internship approached MOJO with Data Science candidates from Saudi Arabia looking for International Internships to gain exposure in the industry and real work experience. After reviewing their application and personalities, MOJO is delighted to have accepted 3 top Interns; Lama, Deena, and Mohammed to be a part of the MOJO DeepTech team.

Are you looking to sharpen your skills, learn from industry experts and be a part of the Global Team? Apply now at Global Digital MOJO and get a chance to work with a truly diverse and international team of Designers, Strategist, Technologist and more.

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