OSAKA, DEC, 2021 : Digital Transformation company, Global Digital MOJO KK (Osaka, Japan), and Innovation company Ideascout Oy (Tampere, Finland) have established collaborative partnership to develop new innovation services for global collaboration. The two companies will work jointly to develop and deploy a portfolio of global innovation services to business communities around the world, with bases in Japan and Finland.

The first milestone is ForTellus 2022, a Global Innovation Summit slated for May 2022. The special mission for the summit is to connect innovation communities in Japan and Finland and give birth to a new era in global innovation. Following the summit, new collaborative innovation solutions will be launched and used in practice within a new innovation ecosystem in Japan and Finland.

Ideascout CEO Dr Pekka Ketola said “COVID19 has taken us to a new era in global digital collaboration, which will speed up innovation, and give birth to new practices and communities. With Global Digital MOJO we can create digital innovation services never seen before.”

Global Digital MOJO President Dr David Williams said “as a global company, we value partnerships that allow us to reach new audiences and develop new innovative products and services.  By working with the team at Ideascout we will capitalise on their expertise in Scandinavian markets and their unique take on innovation processes.  Together we can build new ecosystems with human needs at their centre”.

Global Digital MOJO Japan, is the Japan branch of Global Digital MOJO, an international digital transformation company that designs and deploys AI, XR and new media driven products and solutions for consumer and business markets. 

Innovation company Ideascout offers advanced collaborative innovation services for industries. The company is known for strategic innovations, renewal of value chains and super teams built with extraordinary lead users.