In Global Digital MOJO, throughout years of digital transformation experiences and digital communication services. MOJO has been building up a community that would share the same interest in the Tech x Design x Art aspects. New technologies are constantly being applied in the most innovative ways, creating different experiences and modern hybrid projects and topics around this core theme. Global Digital MOJO felt the need to open its platform for people to share their thoughts with our audiences and be more involved and aware of these new changes.

Introducing “MOJO Global Editors Community”, this program enables submission from around the world – it is a new kind of participation in MOJO’s global team. We will welcome the most insightful writers, tweeters, bloggers, tik-tokers, and IoT-hoppers from around the world. We like to invite them to make articles discussing various topics from technology impact on society, AI ethics, #metoo and internet, sports, tech, the digital village, and much more. Join our community by contacting us at or use the hashtag #GlobalEditor to reach us on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The MOJO team is looking forward to greeting these literary craftsmen and artisans. To share the vision of possibilities and whatever is to come.
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