Global Digital MOJO launches new accelerator programme KGAP+ with Keihanna Research Complex

Global Digital MOJO is an customer experience transformation agency, living in the crossover between strategy, experience design and marketing

Global Digital MOJO in Japan Global Digital MOJO ( is an international digital innovation company headquartered in Hong Kong. Global Digital MOJO offers in-bound and out-bound digital transformation services around the world including digital design and development, startup consulting, O2O marketing, digital business strategy consulting and corporate training. Global Digital MOJO entry began into Japan in 2011 with a research and design study for on Japanese consumer behaviour for Tourism. In 2018, to further develop business in Japan, Global Digital MOJO opened a branch office in the Honmachi area of Osaka. Recently, Global Digital MOJO Osaka has completed projects for Catalonia Tourism (inbound web marketing, Japan market), Berlucchi (inbound social media marketing), Globis Management School (MBA course curation), Keihanna Research Complex, a project of the Advanced Technology Research Center (event planning and design, startup pitching, innovation seminars). We are happy to announce our latest project – the launch of the Keihanna Global Acceleration Programme Plus (KGAP+) programme in Kyoto

We look forward to build new partnerships for inbound and outbound digital transformation business in Japan.