Global Digital MOJO KK (Japan), XBorder Innovations Inc. (Japan) and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International Join Forces to Offer Acceleration Programmes and Services to International Companies

Extending Keihanna Global Acceleration programme (KGAP+)

Building on the continued success of the Keihanna Global Acceleration programme (KGAP+) launched in 2019 by ATR, the three parties signed an MoU with a view to extend the resources and services offered under the KGAP+ and related programs in Japan.

The combined teams will offer additional KGAP+ acceleration programme seats  in multi-national cohorts as well as dedicated “KGAP+ premium programmes” for specific customers.   All types of KGAP+ programme have a high probability of leading to partnership and business growth in Japan.

Services include:

  • Market Readiness Assessment;
  • Pitching Training;
  • Seminars on Japanese social issues, business circumstances, and business culture;
  • Demo Days;
  • Japanese Partner Matching;
  • Translation and interpretation services;
  • Landing and Local-Support services;
  • Investment consulting;
  • Digital marketing services;
  • Branding services;
  • Software development services.

International Business Extension

The three parties look forward to offer new KGAP+ service extensions as part of “Emerge:Japan” programmes that link international public and private acceleration partners in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia and beyond; to the Japanese market.

Dr Hiroyuki Suzuki, ATR EVP and XBI CEO said
“I welcome the collaboration with Global Digital MOJO this time as a good opportunity to take a solid step into sustainable expansion of KGAP+ into one of our next target places of Asia Pacific.”

Dr David ML Williams, Global Digital MOJO CEO said:
“We have been working with ATR since 2018 so I am very happy to deepen a successful collaboration with ATR and XBI and take the KGAP+ programme to another level of scale and success with new international partners and services”

Programme Overview

KGAP+ is an international acceleration programme started in 2019 by ATR with a support of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Over 70 companies have graduated from the 3-month programme which runs twice a year.  KGAP+ has accepted companies from international partners in such countries as Israel, Canada, Germany, U.K., The United States, India and Spain.

EMERGE:Japan is an international acceleration platform started in 2020 which offers local and overseas services to acceleration partners.  EMERGE:Japan is offered by Global Digital MOJO.


Company Overview

株式会社 国際電気通信基礎技術研究所 (ATR) : the core organization of Keihanna Science City, one of the two science cities in Japan, that pursues world-leading, brilliant research achievements in computational neuroscience, deep interaction science, wireless communications, and life science as well as business developments such as developing an innovation ecosystem in the science city, in collaboration between industry, academia and government.

株式会社 XBorder Innovations : a highly agile company that drives open innovation, with visions to cross all boarders and solve social issues through innovation by becoming a global hub that identifies, nurtures, and supports outstanding startups and promoting implementation of the world’s most advanced technologies and services into society through open innovation with the startups.

Global Digital MOJO 株式会社 : an international digital transformation agency committed to the development of new design-driven digital products, services and economies and related education programme development.