MOJO Founder, Dr. David Williams, gave the last of his Ai x Design lectures as a keynote speech during the Oustanding International Student Event (SPOSAD 2020) at National Chung Kung University School of Design (NCKU). Dr. Williams stressed the importance of Design Professions being active stakeholders in the development of AI Tools and Applications and highlighted new career opportunities open to young designers. Dr Williams was also welcomed by the President of the University, Ms. Jenny Su.

Every summer, 33 design students will compete in the workshop. The through other activities, NCKU Industrial Design and partner schools from overseas will finally select 9 talented students among hundred pre-screened participants to study abroad for one year with the full scholarship from MOE. The SPOSAD workshop activities include Keynote speech, lecture, and individual tutorial. Students also need to complete a design project to demonstrate their design talent.

Following the Keynote address, Dr. WIlliams led an inter-faculty workshop on AI x Design teaching and the development of a new curriculum at NCKU.

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