The Middle East’s economy is extremely diversified, ranging from hydrocarbon-exporting rentiers to centralised socialist economies and free-market economies. Many Middle Eastern countries’ economic patterns have significantly shifted in recent years. Historically, these economies have developed their wealth on the basis of oil, but as they move away from a hydrocarbon-based paradigm, technology is becoming a primary focus in economic development.


Taiwan is attempting to strengthen its ties with Arab countries, with the Arab world serving as an important partner for Taiwan, which is steadily progressing toward peaceful development in its attempts to encourage solidarity and cooperation with Arab nations. Taiwan’s economic influence in the Arab world is growing, and more Arab visitors are travelling to Taiwan. Many Arab students attend Taiwan’s prestigious universities, arriving from many Arab countries. 


The Arab Chamber of Commerce Taiwan is a business organisation in the Arab world established with the goal of putting Taiwanese enterprise on the map of the Arab world. They will offer Taiwanese manufacturers, exporters, and companies a full range of commercial services. They provide members the chance to market and grow their businesses in 22 Arab nations. They identify and safeguard our brand in all 22 Arab countries by finding trustworthy agents and distributors.


Arab CoC held a Middle East Business Opportunity Day in 2019 and assisted 20 buyers in making a deal. In addition, the Arab CoC successfully matched 145 industries and 234 meetings. In 2020, Taiwan traded with 14 Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Israel or Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon) for a total of $1.72 billion, including $340 million in Middle Eastern exports and $138 million in Middle Eastern imports. The newest report on 10/08/21 displays that Taiwan trades with Saudi Arabia with an amount of $723.9 million. Metal processing machines, building materials and hardware, automobile and motorcycle components, computers and peripheral products, information and communication electronics, food, cosmetics, medical equipment, AI and IoT, etc were among the products that were made in deal at the Arab CoC’s Middle East Business Opportunity Day in 2019.


In the Middle East, the Global Digital MOJO team welcomed its first interns. MOJO, in collaboration with CRCC and Virtual Internship, welcomed three new team members from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2020 to work with a truly diverse and international team of Designers, Strategist, Technologist and more. 


Check in MOJO is now in the Middle-East for more detail.


MOJO’s Taiwan team visited the Arab Chamber of Commerce in Taipei to share experience and services as part of a long-term strategy to expand MOJO’s digital products and services in the Arab World. MOJO will use their service to assist its Taiwanese new media, IT, and AI clients in entering into Arab markets, as well as to promote startups and business matching from Arab countries to Taiwan.