Hiring Studio

Taichung, Osaka, Hong Kong

Role Description

As product manager in the MCAT team, you will focus on the development of new products and services developed by the MCAT Team. You will be leading a team of Creative strategist, Developers, UX designers, business growth, marketing, and work with 3rd party suppliers. As a Product Manager you will be responsible to lead both internal development of products and services developed by MCAT Team and lead the MOJO Co-Development Program (MCDP) companies, track their progress using our Jira Board, manage progress of the work done on the MCDP projects, you will also act as a client facing partner to MCDP companies.

You will be working on development from the PDD Product Definition Document based on which you will set the timeline, manage team resources, and use Jira Software to manage your projects. You will need to support the Business Growth Team to support sales of the product or service, manage feedback and set up sales events as and when needed.

You can challenge yourself and your team, by running workshops, undertaking team building exercises, knowledge sharing and more.

Programme Management

    • Managing external and internal projects led from the local office
    • Managing in-house and out-sourced resources across the world
    • Managing project fiscal and time budgets to deliver projects on target
    • UX, Media, Creative and Strategic direction and coordination
    • Working with the Client Partner to provide up-to-date information to clients
    • Working with Internal Marketing team to report on projects after completion
    • Undertaking surveys to generate feedback and monitoring analysis
    • Managing workshops and team-building exercises
    • Sourcing and establishing and managing relations with 3rd Party vendors
    • Strong ability to multi-task and manage the development of a pipeline of potential opportunities through to close
    • Abilities to recruit, motivate, manage, and direct staff resulting in a consistently well-managed service to the client.
    • Excellent time management / organizational skills to simultaneously handle and prioritize multiple projects for the team.

Industry Knowledge

  • Able to effectively communicate with a multicultural team of UX, Media, Technologists
  • Keeping updated on the latest digital trends
  • Experience of working with Agile methodology
  • Problem Solving Ability

Client and Team Communication

  • Running review meetings with clients (face-to-face, call, chat)
  • Online updates with all stakeholders through collaborative online tools such as Slack, JIRA, Basecamp, etc

Other duties 

  • As Needed

Skills Required

All Mojo team members are 21st century leaders

  • Flexible team member with organization ability and specific practice skills
  • 3+ years UX/Media/Marketing/Strategy project design/management work experience in one of key verticals (Consumer Electronics, Internet, IT)
  • (UG/Masters Degree in Visual Communications, Multimedia, Design Management, Marketing Management, Advertisings Design, UX/Interactive Media
  • Strong portfolio featuring digital work that showcases the relevant practical experience
  • Proficiency in Mandarin and English (Japanese a bonus)

Personality Qualities

All Mojo team members are 21st century leaders

  • International mindset
  • Thrives well under pressure
  • Inspirational leader
  • Able to multi-task
  • Life-long learner
  • Passionate about insightful storytelling with Data
  • Methodical and detail-oriented


Ask not what the company can do for you, ask what you can do for the company

  • The chance to work in a fast-moving international environment
  • Feedback and co-work with international professionals
  • Basic salary/expenses + Performance-Related Commission
  • Chance to buy into partnership after 2 years
  • Performance-related Bonus
  • On job Training
  • Flexible hours and location