Have you transformed your business? Are you looking forward to doing that in 2021? At the start of 2021, MOJO prepared a virtual exhibition for you to explore the unlimited possibility of your business.The outbreak of Pandemic has caused a huge disruption across ventures like airlines, the travel industry, retail segment, transportation and some more. This has led industries to innovate, and use of virtual and augmented reality has been on the uptrend.


Now MOJO, as an expert in AR/VR/AI, invites you to join our virtual tour – Transform 2021.

In this tour, we would introduce our cases in an interactive way to bring you an engaged VR experience, which would be one of our selling tools to help clients reach out their potential customers.


How can you benefit from this virtual environment ?

  • How to virtualise your product
  • How to reach out your potential customers
  • How to follow up your potential customers
  • How to promote your product display


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If you don’t have LINE, here is also other option for you to join our virtual showroom:
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Global Digital MOJO not only offers digital solutions for our clients, we provide MOJO Academy service to help our clients train UCD and brainstorm innovative and creative ideas.

To check out our online teaching through virtual classrooms, please check here.


Contact us if you have VR business requirements or need consulting service for VR transformation.