Taiwan is small but capable of producing a global hit. The World Economic Forum (WEF) praised Taiwan as one of the four super innovators, along with Germany, the USA, and Switzerland. However, the younger generations in Taiwan are still concerned about developing start-ups due to the difficulties of getting funding and support. Although more and more Asia countries, such as Korea and Vietnam, tried to invest in start-ups, helping them grow and become successful enterprises is very challenging. Therefore, it is imperative to initiate Startup Island.

Startup Island TAIWAN offers full support from both the public and private sector for start-up companies in Taiwan. This center was created to “reflect the uniqueness and diversity of Taiwan with emotional connections and resonance,” said Dr. I. C. Jan, the Ambassador of Start-up Genome. They aim to unite start-ups in Taiwan and expand the business overseas soon.

The Global Digital MOJO office in Taichung will also join the Start-up Island TAIWAN programme as a mentor company. MOJO has experience in holding seminars or workshops for marketing strategies and psychology in digital marketing. We help connect your technology, audience and business dots together and give you the best services.

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