Taichung, Feb, 2022: Digital Transformation Company Global Digital MOJO (Taiwan) Co Ltd 摩偕光多媒體教育有限公司 (GDM) and Brand Strategy Firm Geber Brand Consulting (Geber) join forces to develop AI-driven Marketing and Lead Generation.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies and applications are growing rapidly in the global economy. On the contrary, the digital marketing and brand strategy community has not been active in adapting and developing these advanced technologies.

Together both parties look into developing new work processes and tools to accelerate the update of machine learning in the digital marketing and CRM industries.

The following tactics agreed under this MoU:

  • SAAS Products : GDM and Geber will co-develop and test AI-driven SAAS platforms for lead generation, content creation and customer targeting with their respective clients; pool feedback and promote market uptake. Work together to make a strong business case
  • Work Process Playbooks : GDM and Geber will co-develop playbooks for using automated lead generation, content creation and targeting tools within consulting workflows
  • Professional Internships/Training : Through its Taiwan and global offices, GDM will work with Geber to offer professional internships to students in Taiwan
  • Joint Events, Media Activities and Promotions : both parties will support each other in international workshops and conferences, e.g. introducing speakers, sponsors, marketing, provision of student volunteers. Develop a series of talks.
  • Business co-development : Geber and GDM will work together to promote and bring about new business with regards to the products and services that they develop. They will work together on creating pilot cases that can demonstrate their products/services as well as recommend each-other for cases where either Geber or GDM is more suitable.

Managing Director from Geber Brand Consulting Richard DeVries commented “We very much look forward to cooperating with Global Digital MOJO in this very exciting project. At Geber we pride ourselves on bringing the latest and most effective services to our B2B clients and hope to use this opportunity to keep on this path in 2022 and beyond. Global Digital MOJO has demonstrated experience in creating AI tools, VR applications, and SAAS products. At Geber we have a great team dedicated to understanding what B2B companies need and helping them find the right solution to their challenges. The two of our firms working together will bring great things to the market.”.

Global Digital MOJO President Dr David Williams said “The rapid development of Marketing technology and tools can be overwhelming for busy marketing professionals. At MOJO we develop new tools powered by machine learning and the metaverse that make effective workflows, marketing funnels and engaging marketing experiences. We have chosen to work with Geber because they understand the challenges of modern digital marketing for B2B companies and will provide us with valuable insights for AI and immersive product development.”.

Global Digital MOJO (Taiwan) Co Ltd 摩偕光多媒體教育有限公司 (GDM), is an international digital transformation agency committed to the development of design-driven digital economies and related education programme development. 

Geber Brand Consulting (Geber). An international brand consulting agency based in Taipei, Taiwan that focuses on helping B2B companies create their brands, expand their markets, and create great organisations.