The 16th Exhibition of Planning Departments in Taiwan has successfully launched on Saturday, 15th of May. Due to the sudden announcement from Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. This event was redesigned from psychical presentation to online-based webinar & competition. Thanks to the technologies, people are still able to share their mind-blowing work across the internet. And be connected. Coincidentally, the main focus of the keynote speech given by Dr. David Williams, the CEO of MOJO. Are topics surrounding new technologies that can helps better/faster communication and work process, regardless of users, designers or stakeholders. Moreover, this time with the theme of planning departments, we specifically open up the discussion on XR technologies and how its application can be used in Urban Planning.

Speaker Introduction:

Dr. Williams 同時具有教育家,企業家,溝通策略師和互動設計師等身分,在亞洲、歐洲和美國市場有20年的工作和教學經驗。Dr. Williams不但對於人類認知和感知有深刻理解,也有獨特的教學體驗和數位通訊策略發展能力,因此能有效率地將網路、零售、行動應用程式、社交媒體以及活動行銷平台進行連結,為消費電子、電信、網路、精品、娛樂媒體以及快速消費品等產業的客戶提供具有前瞻性的產品開發、設計、行銷策略和執行計劃。除外,善於領導跨領域團隊的 Dr. Williams 也積極通過建教合作、教學和出版相關研究刊物,將學術界與業界進行緊密串聯。


Global Digital MOJO:

Global Digital MOJO 是一家國際數位策略和執行製作公司,於2009年在香港成立,在全球設有6個工作室。希望能通過聯機和脫機鏈接來轉變業務的客戶合作。其服務包括新技術(AR / VR / AI)設計和開發,O2O體驗設計,國際業務策略發展和O2O市場經營行銷溝通。除外,也透過 MOJO Digital Transformation Academy之旗下單位提供有關新媒體和新技術的教育和培訓服務。

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