Taichung, Taiwan; May 15, 2021 : Blurring the dimensions of space, time and existence around us are the various existential digital frames of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed realities which when comes together is known as Extended Reality (XR). Devices are growing intelligent and cities have become smarter.


With the 4th industrial Revolution and uncalled-for recent global circumstances, each lifestyle sector around us has been almost impertinently forced to adapt to the new technology, whether willing or not and we are accepting the digital change warmly. Education has not been left untouched and in fact, has been one of the most affected industries. Creative industries are looking for more engaging platforms to be able to reach, narrate, express and deliver the content to save time, energy and money while maintaining the highest required quality of subjects.

This concise keynote presentation outlines the need of XR in education and focuses on the fraternity who work on 3-dimensional designs and models. It is the need of the hour as we need 21st-century solutions to solve 21st-century problems. XR in itself is not very new but an evolving concept and draws its strength from the continuously emerging technological innovations and supportive platforms. Tech giants have made leaps of progress in the correct direction and the world is waiting to be able to use the technology at the mass level.


With ideas being able to be created, modified, argued and explained in real-time with the stakeholders, XR takes the front seat when it comes to the user-designer-environment digital setup. Certainly, the early adopters will make greater advancements while adopting the new XR tech for themselves.


Global Digital MOJO is a well-known pioneer in space of AI/VR/AR and XR. Its work expands beyond Taiwan, to Hong Kong, Europe, the Americas, the UK and India where successful teams have delivered highly for the creation of smart cities.