Taichung, February, 2022: Digital Transformation company, Global Digital MOJO Co Ltd (Taichung, Taiwan ROC), and Digital Publishing Company Kadokawa International (Taipei, Taiwan ROC) have established collaborative partnership to Agree to the following mission:

To lead the market in Interactive New Media and related Intellectual Property development.

And tactics:

  1. Proof of Concept Development  : using Kadokawa International Edutainment IP (story, media, character, content)  and MOJO technology and UX to co-develop POC and break-through rich media experiences.
  2. New Client Development: co-prospecting and delivery of client projects based on POC development;
  3. New IP Development : co-develop new IP in media interaction and presentation;
  4. Masterclasses/Lectures : Co-developing new contents for online and face-face learning that lead to production;
  5. Joint Events, Media Activities and Promotions : both parties will support each other in international workshops, and conferences;

The CEO from KADOKAWA International Edutainment Takeuchi Taro commented 

“We at Kadokawa International Manga Education have always been committed to creating better content and nurturing the people who create it. We are looking forward to working with MOJO to expand the world in which they and their content are active.”

Global Digital MOJO President Dr David Williams said “as a global company, we value partnerships that allow us to reach new audiences and develop new innovative products and services.  By working with the team at Kadokawa International we will capitalise on their expertise in media IP and content.  Together we can build the next generation of digital media experiences”.


Global Digital MOJO (Taiwan) Co Ltd 摩偕光多媒體教育有限公司 (GDM), is an international digital transformation agency committed to the development of design-driven digital economies and related education programme development.  https://www.globaldigitalmojo.com 

KADOKAWA International Edutainment (KIE) is the international branch in Taipei city of KADOKAWA Contents Academy (KCA).