TECHINNOVATION Singapore 2021 took place from the 28th to the 30th of September. It featured a combination of exhibitions, networking, matchmaking and crowd pitching events. Presented in its 10th edition, the event is fully online and registrations are open throughout the world. The virtual space was open 24/7, allowing for new forms of collaboration and networking without physically constraining participants. Together with the world’s famous R&D corporates, research institutes and university technology transfer offices to exchange on the latest technology development festival. The event was led by Innovation Partner for Impact (IPI Singapore), a group of accelerators providing advisory services to startups or new technology emergence companies as well as assisting them with commercialisation and licensing opportunities.

The “Sustainable & Resilient Future” focuses primarily on three areas, which are Green & Sustainable Future, Sustainable Food & Nutrition and Health & Wellness. Exploring city infrastructure, carbon footprints, food production, and health as well as other issues that the societies are facing and to overcome the impact of climate change, create a better future for generations to come.

The first day’s keynote address covered the topic of Greentech, Smart Environment and Sustainable Solutions in Recycling (Waste-to-Worth). The following day the topic discussed urban farming, future food production, and IPhealth. The event concluded with a powerful and important session on healthtech transformation, evidence-based herbal medicine, and post-pandemic reimagining wellness.

We highlighted a few technology presentations in TechInnovation 2021 that we believe have one of the best developments.

Kosmode Health, the first presenter, holds the technology to convert raw food into other meats or medications, and to transform waste food into new forms that can be absorbed and used again to create new value. The process of creating new food is fascinating as it is. In the case of plastic particles, this technology can turn them into moldable materials indefinitely while remaining environmentally friendly.

Archisen construct a greenhouses in the city with the ability to control every aspect of the climate, from temperature and humidity to light intensity. This allows them to preserve the nutritional values of the plants as well as bring out their natural, rich flavours. Farms can produce their products faster, fresher, and easier with the help of machine learning.

Mininowtech provides shrimp farmers with a software imaging platform that combines machine learning and image recognition techniques. To allow farmers to estimate shrimp abundance without invasive methods with precision, Monitoring systems in real time can tell how many shrimp are in ponds, how much biomass they have, so farmers can enhance the shrimps’ livelihoods and harvest shrimp while minimising risks to juvenile shrimp. Improve the global food shortage and help those in need.

As a summary, TechInnovation 2021 Singapore had many companies participating this year. We are seeing a lot of uses of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve biological and food problems, and also seeing positive impact with technologies and solutions to our century’s greatest problem.

Global Digital MOJO is grouped by expertise specialising in UI/UX, user psychology, digital tools, marketing automation, and software development. It was an honour for us to be able to refer to the ideas of such forward-thinking companies. At the same time, Global Digital MOJO is always looking for new inventions and opportunities to work with industry partners.

MOJO has always endeavoured to improve people’s quality of lives and bring an impact to bring smart applications and greetech into our ecosystem. You may refer to these articles for more insight related to these areas.

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