“The pandemic has forced many people to work from home, which has propelled companies to install network infrastructure or re-enforce existing ones through cybersecurity systems” Department of Statistics Director-General Wang Shu-Chuan. The computer programming industry last quarter posted a 10.1 percent increase in sales to $69.2 billion NT. This is thanks to a heavy demand for software, which was tied to continuous growth in the production and export of servers, networks, and communication devices, Wang said. The advertising and market research industry, which contributed to about 50 percent of the technical support and professional service sector’s overall revenue, also faced a heavy setback. Ministry data showed that its sales contracted 8.2 percent to $32.1 billion NT. Although the spread of COVID-19 has benefited the computer and IT service sectors, it adversely affected the technical support and professional service sector, which posted its steepest decline in more than 10 years. Sales in the sector decreased 5 percent year-on-year to $69.1 billion NT amid waning market demand, the ministry said. In these difficult times, traditional sales decrease while online and software demand raised.

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