There are few things in the world that cannot be quantified. Everything that can be quantified, can be predicted with precision using data analytics and artificial intelligence. The world of sports have oceans of such quantifiable elements, making it ideal for the use of artificial intelligence. We may not have heard about Artificial intelligence in sports till few years ago – but now AI and machine vision are making their way into a number of sports industry applications, from chatbots to computer vision and beyond.

How AI can play different roles in sports domain:

  • Health, Fitness and Safety

Wearables powered by artificial intelligence can be used to track the movements of players and observe other physical parameters. AI, now a part of medical kits, can help to evaluate the fitness of a player. It can provide the players with actionable insights to keep themselves fit and in shape always, to allow them to perform to their best.

  • For Better Fan Engagement

AI chatbots and virtual assistants can help players interact with their fans and provide event related information. Such chatbots can also assist the users about their ticket status, find the checking point, know the match schedule, or make queries regarding a particular tournament.

  • Advertising

By looking into this insight, advertisers can decide the time of their advertisements to grab the attention of their audiences. The technology can offer subtitles for a live event to make it understandable for the mass viewers. Now viewers are preferring watching sports on OTT platforms which can provide a huge database. AI now can use this and target users with Ads that match their preference.

  • Virtual Reality Sports

Virtual Reality(VR) has added a different dimension to sports and gamification as now with virtual reality headsets, enthusiasts can compete virtually with each other from different parts of the world. A virtual platform with AI technology provides a realistic experience to the users that matches the experience of watching the game live. And even more so now, with the introduction of 5G, such experiences are getting more interactive and the sports industry is changing forever.


We see lots of examples across different sports. In Tennis, IBM Watson AI has changed how Wimbledon is viewed. Watson AI understands, learns, interacts and allows fans to see the game from close quarters, thus gaining valuable insights and improving their viewing experience. The AI recognizes the best moments in a match, listening to the noise of the crowd and sensing their reactions to noticing their body language. It uses all these elements to generate video highlights which can then be shared on social media platforms. 


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