Our new Mojo Academy MBA programme in Digital Marketing Psychology featured on the Globis Insights Channel.  The programme is run in partnership with Globis Management School, Japan’s largest MBA school.  Students will explore a wide range of case studies and theories from Mojo’s real world marketing practice in 6 modules – including neuromarketing.  The course is led by Dr David Williams.


As partners, the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, in Tokyo, Japan and MOJO have worked together to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in society.

Dr. David Williams of MOJO is a lecturer of digital marketing psychology at Globis which is also Japan’s largest graduate business school. It offers several options for its MBA programme, from part-time to online, ensuring accessibility for higher education in the field of business. Building on this spirit of inclusivity and on its vision of an innovative society, Globis has launched the Globis Insights website to share business insights and learnings with a wider community.

This website features Dr. David’s explanation of digital market psychology. Understanding digital market psychology is key given the prevalence and power of digital marketing in the contemporary world in transforming customer engagement and thereby businesses. In the featured video, Dr. David goes over the fundamentals of digital marketing psychology. He differentiates the digital from traditional marketing and discusses the changes to the advertising world catalysed by social media. Dr David provides a snapshot of regional trends, particularly across Asia and leverages his experience of leading MOJO to offer practical insights. He surmises ways in which business leaders can implement design and digital marketing psychology to invigorate their business.

MOJO has worked with companies and groups, like Mercedes Benz, Hotels.com ,Tokyo, the government of Catalonia amongst many others, using its expertise to provide marketing insights, revamp marketing campaigns and product advertisement.

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