“Online conversations with a volunteer mentor in Spain offer a way to market my existing business to new customers. It may also reduce risks.” said Ivan Zziwa, Uganda’s capital, a government-backed initiative enterprise, in one of the article in The Economist. His mentor was arranged by a NGO called Grow Movement, which pairs volunteer consultants from over the globe with small business in Africa.

Right now in Africa, decent jobs are scarce. Surveys suggested that one in three working age adults either run a new business or is trying to start one, as compared with one in six Americans and one in 20 Germans but, however, most of their companies are too small to last long. Attempts are taken, mostly by government-run organization, to help these companies to step up by teaching them how to set up goals and identify markets, but not changing business practices nor teaching practical skills.

A forthcoming study finds that entrepreneurs who received this long-distance consultation increased their monthly sales by 25%, however, as elsewhere, such coaching service is still lacking behind, especially in Africa. Starting new businesses is always the game of chance, though, follow-ups, online mentoring and consultation service, say, are definitely needed from now-ons.

Global Digital MOJO, as a digital transformation agency, is always ready to provide professional INBOUND & OUTBOUND CONSULTATION SERVICE to our clients, especially start-ups. KGAP+ is one of our GLOBAL ACCELERATION PROGRAM FOR STARTUP LEADS from Japan organized by the Advanced Telecommunications Institute. It includes comments and advice on business planning, products and services production, business models construction and monetising. Dynamic events such as pitching and online webinars are organized at prestigious international events.

Companies in Batch 1 has delivered their best pitches, showing their passion and learnings from the program to investors, in Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019 in September. As the goal of this program, which all participants have achieved, successfully found their business partners after this 11-week journey. Batch 2 has also begun in early October and we hope them all the best in the future.

For 2020, we are so excited to announce that we are going to INVITE AFRICA’S ENTERPRISES TO JOIN KGAP+! Global Digital MOJO team is, for sure, ready to provide full support to them, INCLUDING CONSULTATION AND MENTORING SUPPORT, together with professionals and leads all over the globe.

So, if you are a start-up, or investor looking for exciting overseas companies hoping to have the chance to expand or enter Japanese market, CONNECT WITH US NOW!