The COVID-19 pandemic has hit industries worldwide hard but especially so in the month of March. However, due to the United States population’s home quarantine, the video game industry skyrocketed, and why not? People need entertainment and for a vast majority, video games are their go-to item and the demand continues to grow. Software sales were up 34% to the tune of $739 million USD; the highest figure since March 2011, when sales hit $787 million USD, the NPD GROUP said. The Nintendo video game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was the best-selling game in March. Hardware sales jumped 63% to $461 million USD last month over a year earlier. Nintendo Switch sales in March doubled from last year, reports NTD.
 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 also saw their sales figures rise by more than 25%, and console purchases in the first quarter grew by 2% to $773 million USD.

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