Welcome to META:XR Technologies Business Impact in the Metaverse

Hong Kong, March, 2022 :

After 10 years of work in AR, VR and other immersive technologies, Global Digital MOJO is proud to announce the launch of a new business unit META:XR Technologies to focus its XR business.


In 2009 we developed our first AR solution for the South Africa Soccer World Cup (PepsiCo) and since then we have seen XR applications (AR/VR/MR) growing exponentially. Over the past 10 years we have offered custom XR solutions to assist companies and our clients for digital transformation as well as merging our experiences and technologies from previous projects. To provide you with the latest series of products and services that we named “META:XR”. 

For the first time, we can announce our XR product line; a range of subscription-based SAAS XR platforms and services for business customers.
META:XR Products

META:XR Technologies is a symbol of a new era and a portal to merging reality with virtuality. We designed the product platform and services that included a variety of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications to drive your business growth and engage your customers and employees.

META:360 is our entry-level product to create an angle-less experience to remotely visit indoor or outdoor spaces or enjoy unique 360 media content.  Use case including the virtual tour, view in 360° panorama. Point to point navigation with clickable hot-tag to popup description bubble, hyperlinks and video player. VR Video enables users to watch interactive videos on a web browser and VR headset. Engaging content designed and displayed in Ambisonic Spatial Audio environment (hear the sound coming from the front, back, left and right). With immersive media, storytelling by images is no longer static.

META:SCAN converting reality to virtuality. Turning real-live spaces into Digital Twins in the Cloud. Different from traditional 3D CGI model build-up, META:SCAN relies on different detail levels of 3D Scanning using LiDAR and Photogrammetry technology to capture the interior or exterior outlook of a space or physical product. Once captured, virtual spaces can be explored via VR or Desktop as a cloud-based “dollshouse” with full 3D immersive detail. With IoT integration and powered with MOJO Live-dashboard, the model can include data collection at the time of scanning to allow an industrial 4.0 Digital Twin application. We also can embed Digital Rights Management into the final models.  META:Scan breaks away from the two-dimensional views, entering the new age of accurate and rapid data collection and visualisation. 

Experience the META:SCAN Viewer here https://scan.meta-xr.tech/viewer/index.html

META:SPACES built for creativity, built for applications where socialising is a must. Experience an immersive social virtual reality that has never been so easy. META:SPACES is built on collaboration servers and Web-VR technology, which allows users to access from any web browser in one click. Our 3D design team has created multiple spaces Coworking, Mini Expo, Pitching Centre, and more. For customers running exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, NGO meetings, etc. 

One use case from the workshops in the Poly University’s Master of Science in Multimedia Science (MScMET) uses the META:SPACES to Communicate with coursemates and instructors in real-time and audiovisual viewing in the course for presentation, screen share. Course material and documents are accessible via Hyperlinks in META:SPACES.

META:ADs the most interactive and engaging advertising service in the market. Breaking the four walls, with multiple commercial advertising displays shown spontaneously in the same area. The users can click and enter other links or media content easily. With an advanced CRM integration plugin, the host can follow with leads using the tools of their choice. Study the commercial material performance and target audience behaviour via MOJO Live-dashboard.

META:AR provides the latest commercial tech solutions. Focusing on projecting virtual objects/data visualisations/communications in real-world scenery. With spontaneous visuals display. Allows the users and the audiences to engage with the virtual content more immersive. 

Entertainment usage includes lead generation content for products or services interactive experience for Retail, Social Events, Government Project, and  Advertising.

Industrial applications include live-spectating functions for pipeline monitoring. Professional training, repair & maintenance guidelines, space navigation and remote quality control.

Who uses META:XR?

We already have a rapidly growing client roster across our product lines from sectors as varied as Education and Corporate Training, Manufacturing, Certification Services, Factory Automation, Entertainment, Government Services and more.

Since 2008, Global Digital MOJO has been a leader in Digital Transformation and providing & experimenting with media interactive experience.  MOJO has played an active role in the XR industry and participated in various Virtual Experience events like the 2021 JETRO VR online forum in Japan in September. The President of Global Digital MOJO and the lead global business strategist Dr David Williams invited to speak at the event. To discuss and share knowledge on the Japanese Business model and technology industry prospects in VR. 

Global Digital MOJO is committed to combining XR applications with new technologies. The launch of META:XR Technologies means a promise of continuous involvement and development in extended reality applications. To present businesses with sales and growth tools and provide solutions to fit the industries’ needs. Make technologies intelligent and accessible for all.

Global Digital MOJO is an international digital transformation company that designs and deploys AI, XR and new media driven products and solutions for consumer and business markets.   https://globaldigitalmojo.com/ourwork/ 

META:XR Technologies is a business unit of Global Digital MOJO focusing on XR Technologies for Business.