Global Digital MOJO CEO Dr. David Williams interviewed by Mundo Ejecutivo Magazine during Global Presence Alliance Convention in Mexico

Global Digital MOJO is an customer experience transformation agency, living in the crossover between strategy, experience design and marketing

Being approached by our Mexico client Group Niza earlier in 2019, Global Digital MOJO Academy agreed to deliver a CXE workshop, “Digital Leadership in Strategy and Business Transformation”, during the event – Global Presence Alliance CEO Summit 2019 in mid-September in Mexico, focusing on the importance of UX, its implementation process and UX applications in its sales process. (Check this link GDMA CXE x Global Presence Alliance to know more for this event)

While the event is running like raging fire, our Founder & CEO, Dr David Williams was also approached by the major Mexican print & digital publication Mundo Ejecutivo (Executive World – to have an interview about business development strategies. Mundo Ejecutivo is the top multimedia company in Mexico that generates products and services with great diversity and depth of editorial content to contribute to success, based on the talent of human capitals. The interview covered various aspects of digital transformation in Mexico and why MOJO has made its home there.

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Click here to download the Spanish Translated abstract of the interview:

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